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Sweet Cherry........

2017-03-15 00:29:11 by DJLunatic

Listen to the insanity that became Cherry into Lunatic......


Cherry's Teaser

2017-03-12 21:57:55 by DJLunatic


Cherry's Jams EP

2017-03-12 03:31:15 by DJLunatic

A long track filled with sweet goodness from Cherry's heart.


1.) Track I (Smooth)

2.) $hort and $imple

3.) Depre$$ion

4.) Track II (Straight from the Heart)

5.) Young Cherry (and the story of a Lunatic)

6.) Track III (Dark Turn)

7.) Young Cherry's Lunatic Personality 

Coming to a Soundcloud, YouTube, and Newgrounds near you ;)

EXCPECTED DATE OF RELEASE: 3/17 or 3/18 depending on your time zone <3

internet sadness

2017-03-10 20:46:11 by DJLunatic

I am currently looking for rappers and singers to collab on a 8 minute track.

If you want to help out, leave a comment